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One Day Diet Wafers

One Day Diet WafersOne Day Diet Wafers are at the top of what we would call our “fad diet” list. They work in a negative calorie way in which your body has nutrients to keep your metabolism UP and calories down. Jeunique One Day Diet Wafers is unique and thus part of the name. Jeunique adds the benefit of Crystal Chews to help you on your off-diet days.

Just use the One Day Diet Wafers one day and eat only fruit. Of course make sure to add a lot of water to your daily regimin as well. On your off-diet-days you eat a normal diet and use the Crystal Chews.

Remember that you don’t need to prove a diet wrong by pigging out on your off diet days. If that is your mentality, may I suggest that you become more comfortable with being overweight and stop wasting money on diet products. BUT if you are really wanting to lose weight fast and safely, I suggest you give One Day Diet Wafers your best shot and keep the will power going as long as you can.

You might also consider adding Lose While You Snooze gel caps for every day. It will help to speed up the process by allowing your body to work at night when you are sleeping. Lose While You Snooze works best if you take it every day but it is not necessary AND you will not yo yo if you stop taking it.

Have a blessed day; a day the way you envision it. blessings, brenda


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