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why Calotren?

Why Calotren?

:: Liquid collagen weight loss.
:: Safe, all natural
:: No caffeine or stimulants.
:: No ephedrine or amphetamines.
:: No known reports of interfering. with any medications.
:: No known side effects.
:: May help muscle tone & help strengthen joints.
:: May assist in supporting lean muscle which can result in loss of body inches and weight loss.
:: May help increase energy & stamina due to the body burning off excess fats and sugars more efficiently.
Calotren comes in liquid or capsules.

Water water everywhere Day 1

Morning to you. Go and pour yourself a nice 8oz glass of water and come back. Better yet, how about a cup of herbal tea with a few detoxifying (otherwise called detoxying) herbs in it. With 90+ % of our cells being water, we ought to take a look at why that might be of interest to us in dieting and health conscious kind of way….

Water is something that everyone in the world has been telling you since you were a kid to drink You need it for your brain, for your muscles, every cell, every breath you take requires it in some way. You were in sac full of it before you were born; it’s just down right essential.

Did you know that you cannot cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals without water?
Did you know that the more water your body has the easier it is to release fat?
How about the fact that without water, since your brain is a muscle, you cannot think straight.
What about the eyes needing water for the muscles to contract; open, close, dilate…

For years I have helped couples all over the world conceive, against all odds for many of them. I take no credit for their success; that was between them and God; their determination; His hand. Can you believe that a high percentage of them were actually helped (not the only part of the process) by just drinking more water? One woman actually wrote to me and told me that she felt she could not do the other things I had told her to do but that she decided financially and simpler to do, she COULD at least drink water. She conceived 1 month later and she had been considered “against all odds”. Why? Because her body did not need more soda; it needed WATER.

Not looking to get pregnant? Not to worry, fertility is just a side benefit of a healthy body. For hormones to work properly, for ALL aspects of whole health, you must drink water.

Let’s take a look at the best of possibilities and how to drink the best water possible, in order to gain the health benefits you desire from drinking this liquid gold.

Burn Fat While You Sleep with Lose While You Snooz...

LOSE WHILE YOU SNOOZE buy 1 get 1 free collagen weightloss supplement

LOSE WHILE YOU SNOOZE buy 1 get 1 free collagen weightloss supplement

We all know that if we eat less and exercise, we will lose weight. But did you know that you can actually lose weight while you sleeping? Many people actually don’t overeat. Are you one of them? What if your body just needs an empty stomach, 8 hours of sleep and some liquid collagen and aloe vera rich Lose and Snooze. (Some people call it Loose and Snooze)

You see, while you are sleeping, collagen is released in your body and begins to repair vascular tissue. Collagen enhances your metabolic rate and balances it out. Thus, you actually begin to burn fat while you sleep. The problem is that when we are overweight, our bodies do not always produce enough collagen to help us burn enough fat off to lose all of the unwanted weight.

Can You Lose Weight While You Sleep?
With Affinity’s Lose and Snooze, you will actually be able to burn fat and lose weight while you are sleeping. When you drink just one tablespoon of Lose and Snooze collagen before going to bed, the natural ingredients begin to work as you fall asleep and you wake thinner, healthier and more energized! Lose and Snooze provides your body with enough collagen to help you burn fat and lose the weight you need to. You will actually notice the positive changes in your body in just a few weeks.

Unlike many other weight loss products, Lose and Snooze helps keep the weight off because it is formulated from natural ingredients that are at the precise levels to enhance your metabolism so that the fat simply burns off. Lose and Snooze is a healthy way to lose unwanted fat without having to cut calories or even exercise. Once your body reaches its safe and natural weight zone, you will just continue to maintain your weight because Lose and Snooze actually balances everything out.

Lose and Snooze’s formulated amino acids actually work as a “turbo charger” and help to repair, preserve and build lean muscle, while regulating and increasing your metabolism. With Lose and Snooze, you will actually even get a better night’s sleep!

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Liquid collagen acts like what your body makes naturally. It is like supplementing with a vitamin until your body has found the vitamin in other sources of food. All that it does from that time onward is great. See our article about collagen…